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Interesting facts about me

Let's see... I'm strangely conservative, given my Transsexuality, and so I don't
get attacked by a bunch of rabid PC monkies (What? that's what first came to mind)
I'm not going to explain why, or how. I'm currently playing Mabinogi...
re-playing both KotOR I & II with non-canon genders, I'm still trying to figure out
how to secure the eastern sector of the galaxy in Empire at War... (Slowly, but surely)
I like parentheses (if you couldn't tell already) And I'm watching Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood,
One Piece, I've recently gotten into Naruto, and... Well, I'd post something kinda weird
that I did over thanksgiving, but it's kind of unique and this being the internet, weird crap
happens. And yes, that is L. I didn't like the borderline Emo (I need to stop using that term,
every time I do, I feel like I kill brain cells or become 10% more shallow) theme, but
it's a nice break from 'LOLZ POWAH!' Anime, however interesting they may be at the time.
Also, if anyone is interested in debating the meaning of Sanitarium (the psychological adventure game)
with me, feel free. It's kind of old, but more interesting than a lot of things out there.

Note to self: Organize this mess of facts.

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